Why Photography?

  Each of of us are comprised of a range of interests, personality traits, talents, and passions. We occupy are time with those things we must do to provide income, those things we must do to keep up with daily needs, and those things we do simply because we are inspired to invest our time in those endeavors. 

We make choices about how to use our “free” time if there truly is such a thing. I will avoid digressing into a philosophical discussion which I can be prone to do much of the time. I have chosen to devote much of my free time to the craft of photography.
I love to capture images of almost any kind of subject matter, but I am drawn most heavily to portrait photography. I am a “people person” and that’s simply built into the essence of my personality. 
Photography allows me to interact with my environment. It allows me to record memories of important times in my life. It offers me the opportunity to create my own sense of what I consider to be “art.” It gives me an opportunity to share elements of my passion through educational exchanges, those in which I learn new things and those in which I share part of my acquired knowledge base with others interested in learning from my history of failures and successes.

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