Elements of Photography

  It is no mystery to those who know me well that I love photography. I have been captive to it’s unique outlet for creative expression and the way it allows me to record a bit of the history that is contained in my personal walk in life. I have a passion for capturing images that might cause a viewer to pause and think and for sharing that passion for producing images of high technical quality.

This blog post is the first in a series devoted to offering my insights as to how others might improve their photographic skills.

Fundamental Elements of Photography
  1. It’s all about the Light
  2. Camera types and feature sets
  3. Media cards
  4. What is RAW and JPEG?
  5. The perfect triangle…ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed
  6. White balance
  7. Lenses
  8. Depth of field
  9. Composition
  10. Black and white
  11. Camera bags
  12. Tripods
  13. Filters
  14. Flash, strobes, and LED lighting
  15. Image storage
  16. Image editing
  17. Image printing


  Most of us are striving in our photographic journey to produce that inage that causes those who look at a particular image to stop and just stare. We are hoping with our portraits to capture a moment in time that portrays a certain kind of emotion, an insight imto the personality of the person who is the object of our inspiration. Here is one image I had the opportunity to capture that motivates me to work harder in my photographic endeavors.

Color Management Ideas

  Here is a very comprehensive article on how to manage color balance in your photography image processing workflow. It may cause some of you to decend into a deep sleep. It may inspire some of you to buy a few tools to check the color settings on your monitor and in your image processing software. I hope it offers some new insight and help in improving your overall image IQ.

Color management tips and tricks

Why Photography?

  Each of of us are comprised of a range of interests, personality traits, talents, and passions. We occupy are time with those things we must do to provide income, those things we must do to keep up with daily needs, and those things we do simply because we are inspired to invest our time in those endeavors. 

We make choices about how to use our “free” time if there truly is such a thing. I will avoid digressing into a philosophical discussion which I can be prone to do much of the time. I have chosen to devote much of my free time to the craft of photography.
I love to capture images of almost any kind of subject matter, but I am drawn most heavily to portrait photography. I am a “people person” and that’s simply built into the essence of my personality. 
Photography allows me to interact with my environment. It allows me to record memories of important times in my life. It offers me the opportunity to create my own sense of what I consider to be “art.” It gives me an opportunity to share elements of my passion through educational exchanges, those in which I learn new things and those in which I share part of my acquired knowledge base with others interested in learning from my history of failures and successes.

A Passion for Photography

  Welcome to my new blog celebrating photographic discovery and passion. 
I hope to share some of my ideas about what I have found in my own photographic journey that may add value to your own love of the craft. The central theme is all about sharing things amongst each other that will further inspire all of us to get out and capture that amazing image that we just have to share with our family and friends.